Friday, May 4, 2012

puh-lezzz......qualifications?....of course, I do

This internship is for journalism. The internee of this job is responsible, proactive, and independent. I am all of these things. The job suits people who are interested in journalism and writing, which is one of the key things I am able and well-suited for. Participants must also be willing to partake in work outside, meaning that they must be willing to enter the rural areas of where they are assigned to. This also means that they must be well-equipped to travel, and since I have been traveling almost my entire life, I feel this job is not only perfect for my condition, but I also feel that this job is suited for people who are positive and energetic. I am not only enthusiastic, but also optimistic.

I am very passionate about the politics of a particular nation. I feel very strongly about the way the government is run and is therefore, quite knowledgeable and willing to learn more about this particular job. I think human rights and civil liberties of a nation are the most essential things to a nation. With this, I think my energy and passion will truly help strive for excellence and be completely focused on task. I work well with other people and can engage in all sorts of conversation, which will improve the likelihood of the tasks I need to complete and more. I am an adept researcher and can get problems and things done quickly and efficiently.

As an ardent advocate of human rights and civil liberties, I know for a fact that a legal line of work is suitable for me. I can communicate well with others, which means I can both listen and advise. I can handle the work load and can, for sure, get things completed efficiently and accurately. I can analyze facts and data and make conclusions from it. I have a keen ability of communicating with others and I can work under all sort of environments. I can keep a balance of acuteness in work, such as personal tasks, and also attentiveness, communicating with others.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"it's black, it's white"- OCPD

Among the various other personality disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) is another highly diagnosed problem in the world. About one in a hundred people have it in the United States.  This disorder was first "discovered" in the early 1900's by Freud. He observed OCPD and labelled them "anal characters".This means that during their anal stages, as described in Freud's Psychosexual development theories, the person was suppressed and threatened by the learning process of during those stages [1].

People with OCPD have features that include indecisiveness, emotionally controlling, and generally depressed. Indecisiveness means that the person cannot, or is unable to, make a choice of their own, such as selecting which college major they want. These usually results in procrastination, which only exacerbates the  problem because they don't have enough time to get the actual work completed. This indecisiveness is met with perfectionism. Every single minute detail must be perfectly clear. They are incapable of having a simple conversation without noting all the problems with the conversation. Emotionally, OCPD sufferers can seem like bipolar people. Anxiety becomes the chief issue with OCPD, which is only followed by out-bursts of anger and uncontrollable rage and a sense of vulnerability. Their constant depressed mood is generally expressed with the idea that everything is either right or wrong, black or white, and good and bad. There is no shade of grey or middle grounds. Things are either done perfectly or not done at all. [2]

One of the more severely demonstrated issues that come along with OCPD is the development of compulsive hoarding. The idea or perfectionism hinders the OCPD person from actually completing anything, only having various dreams or the like on their minds, which they could never complete. This hoarding is characterized by excessive saving and keeping things from ages ago. They believe they have so many other "to do" things that their dreams are so piled up and they continue every little thing they have ever worked on.[2]

Many people believe that OCPD is caused by the child's parents' behaviors. Their parents could be withholding and distance, or they are controlling and overprotective. It has been observed that the child is punished for doing something wrong, however minor, and is not rewarded for doing something right, much like how the parents believe it should have been. Due to this, the child is unable to feel joy and cannot express their anger at their parents and therefore develop a sort of internal conflict and other habits to deal with that suppressed anger. Other factors include cultural upbringings, especially those of Asian cultures. The devotion to work in Japanese culture calls for strict obedience and it may not always be a harmful effect. [3]

The main treatment for OCPD is psychotherapy, which can help the OCPD sufferer with their emotions. It helps them cope and control their emotions and in return, acknowledge them.  They learn how to identify their state of emotion and through that process, learn how to deal with them effectively. Many therapists encourage their patients to describe how they feel and get them to relate their problems. Sometimes patients are hospitalized because they cannot acknowledge their problems or they fail to see how their "owning the truth" is wrong and that there are other alternatives than their own. [4]

OCPD is often mistaken for OCD. They are different and unique in their own ways. People with OCPD are usually unaware or are unwilling to acknowledge their problems, whereas people with OCD do. OCPD sufferers are more concerned with daily tasks and life issues, while OCD people are more involved with irrelevant or sometimes seemingly trifle things to other people. OCD is generally more involved with the patient itself, while OCPD is more broad and is more interpersonal, meaning that the relationships with other at work or home is usually perceived as strained or non-functional. OCPD people believe that in order for them to be right, others have to be wrong, that their way is the correct way and other alternatives are unacceptable and are wrong. Relationships with OCPD people is extremely difficult as the OCPD people will always criticize and evaluate them. [5]


* in my speech symptoms part, I used this website for the case studies:
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

info topics

the abuse of medication and addiction to drugs- in particular marijuana - people think that addiction can be solved by themselves, but the truth is that people who are addicted to drugs are turned physically reliant on the drugs. This is a major issue, even the legalization of these drugs are important. For example, marijuana is highly controversial in some states. 
the black market -I'll talk about how it works and such. i want to talk about the hierarchy and the products. I could also talk about the process of obtaining products and others. For instance, the topic includes some examples of the products sold. There is also a particular process in which the people wishing to buy such products. The speech should include this.
deep sea creatures - i want to talk about angler fish, tube worms, and viperfish. Basically give a brief overview of the animals there and explain the conditions that they live in and how the entire ecosystem works together. These sea creatures are magnificent and highly underrated. People think that global warming and other man-made factors are responsible only for the animals near the surface, but the reality is these deep sea creatures are also affected. Talk about the problems but don't argue about it. It's the reality and just state it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


1. Laser pointer scissors so you can always cut in a straight line

This basically consists of a laser pointer attached to the top of the scissors. It beams the light necessary to help you cut in a straight line! You can get it for the price of 20 US dollars! It is perfect for kindergarten kids who are unable to cut in a straight line and it also helps klutzy adults who are scissor damaged! This is ethos. People seriously have scissor access issues. This way people, who are scissor-handicapped won't have to look as pathetic and also, I'm pretty awesome when it comes to sucking at cutting paper--that's my expertise.

2.LED Umbrella in the dark on rainy days

This is design is basically LED lights attached unto parts of the umbrella so that in the dark, you can see. It's practical and useful, so it definitely fits under the logos part of the equation. I would probably sell it for 35 US dollars a piece. This product can be useful for all people, since everyone uses an umbrella! Parents can even find their kids in the dark and vice versa. It can come in an assorted array of colors and designs. They are pretty much detachable, so you can design your own shape for identification! It takes the frown from a rainy day and transforms it into something fun!

3.Cookie Cups: a plate with a cup

This design can be extremely helpful with people that need extra snack. This cup/mug will revolutionize the way people eat food. It consists of a hole or plate-like space under the cup to storage things, such as cookies or food. It can also become a business card holder for office workers. When you're sitting in front of the laptop and the kitchen with the box of cookies are two rooms away from you, you can simply storage your cookies in the cup and enjoy that mug of hot coco along the way, or better yet, Oreo's and milk. This cup is kid-friendly; it comes in plastic and ceramic glass. It is also dishwasher safe. This invention is ideal for home and sells at a lowly 15.99 US dollars. The various kinds of color is completely up to you.

worst invention of all time...

A Lesson of Morals

A number of issues have plagues the scientific community. As our understanding increases, so do the questions that need to be answered. These questions have probed into areas that has caused many of us to question humanity as a whole. For example, stem cell research has been the controversy in the case of using human embryos. Another controversy includes cloning. Others include eugenics, chronic depression, mental and physical disabilities, and surrogate mothers. All this topics generate two very different sides to the argument that they have become immensely popular. These issues are debatable and there is not always necessarily a right or wrong answer.

If I was forced to pick one particular topic that I feel people should not ever play with is the idea of eugenics. I feel that very single person is an individual, with their own thoughts and preferences. There shouldn't be a rule or set of rules that dedicate what the majority or the few elite feel is better or more improved, or that it can benefit society. I feel that it is the uniqueness, regardless or good or bad, that makes up society and gives it meaning. But, the question of eugenics should be pondered in reference to other controversies as well. Since the idea of living differently is what gives a person their uniqueness, it renders the controversies void and depletes the meaning or argument. There will be no winner or loser at the end. I feel that these issues are only problems that people should address and acknowledge, but instead of claiming whether the controversy is ethical or not, people should focus on more substantial issues that they can fix, like ending world hunger. Issues like these are more direct and narrow, and they generally don't have objections.

For me personally, I don't think issues can be considered morally wrong. Morals depend largely upon the culture and personally ideology that the person feels is right for their morals. I think that very single person has  different morals. The idea of a set of 'right morals' excludes the idea of liberty from our lives. Instead of thinking that we live under a set of morals, think that we live under a set of responsibilities that apply to every single person to ensure the overall welfare of people.