Sunday, October 2, 2011


What never changes over the course of history, despite the many lessons and warnings, and instead, only intensifies and exacerbates farther in time? There is only one answer to that, and that is conspiracy. Today, people are all brainwashed into thinking that knights were chivalrous. As Terry Jones proposes, the medieval knights were more than just about chivalry. In fact, knighthood rose to fame purely for economic reasons, using all deceitful and force to achieve their goals. Knights were seeking economic gain and a chance to raise to power. Jones explains how knights were using these chivalrous lies to cover for their own intentions. Knights only fought for their liege to gain the hearts of rich and powerful women, which can be since with Sir William. During the Hundred Year's War, knights from Britain fought with French unfairly. They shot horses, which is very much not chivalrous on the knights' behalf. Supposedly, knights could treat women as property, as an object, since they are allowed to take them and do whatever they wanted once the knight kills of the ladies' previous knight. This is called "courtly love" by knights' standards. Ridiculous as it seems, people considered knighthood to about valor and justice, yet knights murdered an entire town, including innocent women and children. They were practicing this "justice" for revenge. Not a single day in history has anything been about true chivalry. Knights did everything purely for profit. There wasn't any honor or courtly love, only bartering and the system of a fake "lost and found" for the ladies. Fighting in wars and for kings were only because they had nowhere to live or go, and once they didn't get what they wanted, they murdered and pillaged towns for fun. Indeed, knights were chivalrous. Only humble people fought in wars for money and free housing. A conspiracy of chivalry, indeed.

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