Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shannon and Weaver's discoveries of mind-blowing obviousness that is actually quite fascinating...

We conducted an experiment to see if whether communication really works, to experience firsthand the reasons behind communication and how it works. There are five constituent parts of communication according to Shannon and Weaver's model. The first part of the equation is the informer. In the experiment, one person had to give instructions for another. The second part was for them to encode the message. In other words, they had to find a way to relate their thoughts to the other. Part three includes the "noise", basically distractions, that affect the quality of the message you deliver, thus influencing the way the informee analyzes that message. During this experiment, I found that relating your thought to another is a rather difficult challenge. Many of the shapes and locations of the objects were difficult to describe to my partner. Furthermore, the addition of outside "noise" became a significant factor in the overall deliverance of the message (instructions).  In one instance, there were just some shapes that were extremely difficult to explain, especially those that are borders.

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