Thursday, January 26, 2012

When in boredom, think of things you may say to people when they're mean to you......or teach someone something

here's my list for communications....

Grilled cheese
This is the best option for making breakfast, since no one in this country eats breakfast. Cheese is delicious and butter makes everything taste great. The grilling part is essential to making grilled cheese, and everyone stumbles on that. Therefore, I find myself desperately trying to make grilling an important part of making grilled cheese. Plus, the sizzling sound is awesome.

Pineapple Boat
People are always trying to eat healthy, so as a result we have to add fruits and salads to our meals. We see these “boats” of salad and fruit at fund-raisers and parties all the time. I wanted to share with everyone a way to present food, so that people actually want to eat it. I had always felt that pineapples made that best “boat” for any dish, since it looks so exotic. Hence, a pineapple boat for my demonstrative speech.

Making pancakes have always been a past-time in my family, namely my mother and I. It is a time to share and bond over food/breakfast. I consider making pancakes sacred. It takes a lot of caring and attention, and most of all patience, just like a mother’s love—but I digress. Pancakes are incredibly simple to make and eat. I will show you how to make use of your time in the morning to make PANCAKES.

Tie a tie in four different ways
I have been tying ties ever since I started going to school. Many people still have no clue as to how to tie a tie, which is a rather important skill to master. There are always situations where one day you will need it. There are four major methods to tie a tie, and I will be teaching you how to tie, and for what kind of tie you should tie for what type of shirt. People made be deluded into thinking that one type of tie works for any shirt, but it is terribly wrong.

Fold a paper crane
There is a Japanese legend where they say that if you fold a thousand paper cranes you can make a wish come true. I’m pretty sure that no one will attempt it once I teach it, but still you can decorate small spaces with it, or you can fold it to pass time in a boring class. It’s simple to make and requires very little material and effort. Knowing how to fold a paper crane means that you will not be a complete origami-idiot. You can at the very least do something cool with a bit of paper.

by the way, these ties are super cool

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  1. 15/15. (Non-TOASTed.)

    Grilled cheese: Not bad. I think you could do a heck of a job on it, but I'm scared it wouldn't hit the 4-5 minute requirement. But it would be delicious.

    Pineapple boat: I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS BUT IT SOUNDS DELICIOUS. Also, a Sponge Bob joke fits here somewhere.

    Pancakes: Yes. See Grilled Cheese, but I think it automatically will be longer, so I'd prefer this one to that one. Also, must change it to banana pancakes. And add chocolate. And frisbee throw it into my mouth.

    Ties: Like it. David T wouldn't do it, but I actually think it's a great topic. I like the previous 3 (FOODS) best, but this one is great too. If you don't pick it, I might donate it to someone who chooses poorly.

    Crane: Yes. But Steven did folding paper, too—do you REALLY want to copy him? ;-)