Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My tombstone

My epigraph will be as follows:
"Too bad we have to age"

I think the one most depressing thing about existing is the fact that you have to age. When people are still children, they don't understand that it is the best time of their lives. There is nothing to fret about, nothing to consider. There is only all the things that we can get away with. This epigraph reflects the regret I endure every day. The knowledge that everything great only comes once when you're young is a truth that is rather ugly and revolting. I would like to live with Peter Pan. This way I would never have to grow up.

Peter Pan is such a lucky boy

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  1. TOAST Score (see http://goo.gl/bC1yp for more info): 9/9.

    T: 1/1.
    O: 4/4.
    A: 1/1.
    S: 1/1.
    T: 2/2. Yay for Peter Pan! You WOULD pick him. (As long as Johnny Depp was there...)