Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Topics

1. How to pick a lock
I think this is extremely interesting. The only problem with this is that I might not even be able to unlock it. Aside from this, this topic I'm sure will interest people and I can actually think of more interesting things to say. I have some rather embarrassing events that occur with unlocking doors. Plus, learning how to pick locks might allow you to apply it to other things.....
2. How to brush your teeth properly
My dentist told me that brushed my teeth wrong. I still disagree, but for the benefit of others, I will demonstrate how to brush your teeth like a dentist. I was thinking of buying false teeth to complete this demonstration. People have issues brushing their teeth, that's why I guess lots of people wear braces. (I'm not so sure if that's a connection though). I don't think this topic will be easy though. The steps are rather simple.
3. How to tie a tie in four ways (three, maybe)
I am not letting this one go. I really like it and I think it's safe for the most part. I can do this easily and I actually have done this numerous times so I can actually concentrate on delivering my speech. Usually, people choose to teach others how to tie other stupid things, such as ribbons, gifts, and what not. I feel that ties are more practical and much much much more productive to teach than others. People still can't tie ties.
4. How to clean your uggs
I don't know why, but last week I wore my uggs and it was raining. This caused my uggs to have these weird splotches on my uggs and I couldn't get them off. I know for a fact that almost every girl has a pair of uggs, and due to the strange four-seasons-in-one-day weather in Taiwan, I think it's appropriate for me to teach people how to clean their uggs. THe only thing is that I'm much to lazy to bring my uggs, or rather dirty them just for the demostration. Call me selfish, whatever.
5. How to clean a wound and bandage it
This idea is unique. I don't think many people have chosen this topic before. It would be extremely simple and required very little materials. The only problem is that I would need to find a wounded person otherwise my demonstration seems unrealistic. Also, I find this topic rather bland compared to the other ones. It feels like I would have a hard time trying to keep the attention of people.

1 comment:

  1. 15/15.

    Pick locks: I like this one the best because I want to learn this skill. I'd be amazed, but yeah, you'll actually have to learn it. Hard, but it would be unforgettable!

    Brushing: Haha, I like it a lot! It'd be a bit humiliating, but I think it's be hilarious. If you don't use it, please share it with other people, because I wanna see that. (TRISTAN!?)

    Tie: Good. I liked this one the most before, but I still think some of the others are more interesting. But a really good choice.

    Uggs: Good topics that you'd do well on, but it's personally one I'm not really interested in (as I'm a fella).

    Wound: Yes. Very cool. But don't actually cut yourself before class, because that would be terrible.