Tuesday, March 20, 2012


1. Laser pointer scissors so you can always cut in a straight line

This basically consists of a laser pointer attached to the top of the scissors. It beams the light necessary to help you cut in a straight line! You can get it for the price of 20 US dollars! It is perfect for kindergarten kids who are unable to cut in a straight line and it also helps klutzy adults who are scissor damaged! This is ethos. People seriously have scissor access issues. This way people, who are scissor-handicapped won't have to look as pathetic and also, I'm pretty awesome when it comes to sucking at cutting paper--that's my expertise.

2.LED Umbrella in the dark on rainy days

This is design is basically LED lights attached unto parts of the umbrella so that in the dark, you can see. It's practical and useful, so it definitely fits under the logos part of the equation. I would probably sell it for 35 US dollars a piece. This product can be useful for all people, since everyone uses an umbrella! Parents can even find their kids in the dark and vice versa. It can come in an assorted array of colors and designs. They are pretty much detachable, so you can design your own shape for identification! It takes the frown from a rainy day and transforms it into something fun!

3.Cookie Cups: a plate with a cup

This design can be extremely helpful with people that need extra snack. This cup/mug will revolutionize the way people eat food. It consists of a hole or plate-like space under the cup to storage things, such as cookies or food. It can also become a business card holder for office workers. When you're sitting in front of the laptop and the kitchen with the box of cookies are two rooms away from you, you can simply storage your cookies in the cup and enjoy that mug of hot coco along the way, or better yet, Oreo's and milk. This cup is kid-friendly; it comes in plastic and ceramic glass. It is also dishwasher safe. This invention is ideal for home and sells at a lowly 15.99 US dollars. The various kinds of color is completely up to you.

worst invention of all time...

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