Saturday, March 10, 2012

Long Live Propaganda!

Despite the message in the video, it is clear that certain elements of persuasion has been used.  We are not in control of the things that we see and take, but what we can do is to acknowledge them, and most importantly, understand and remember the underlying reason behind the message.

The video, which is about half an hour long, is plagued by the Pathos element of persuasion. Many times he uses pictures of kids mutilated, sleeping on the dirt floor, and kids crying everywhere to ignite the emotional human side of his audience. He does this extremely well through the example of Jacob crying and in general, just the introduction of Jacob. By familiarizing his audience with Jacob, he is indirectly making his message more personal. He's making the audience more accepting of his message and in doing so, take action. This is a move to connect the audience with his message. He repeats the words, stop and Kony, continuously, so as to embed these words into our heads, in order to make us part of his greater goal. He also reminds us that we, however small or far, can contribute and help save those kids and arrest Kony.

The Ethos part of the video is strictly more related to experience. Every time he mentions a date or number, he is always referring to the number of years he spent in Africa. By showing that he has been there, he has explicitly stated that he is credible. The fact that he uses his family as examples makes his message more realistic. As a fatherly figure, ,he has captured the hearts of his young audience into taking action. Through the video of his wife giving birth, he can consolidated his image as a human being.Employing this, he shows his audience that he too is small and vulnerable, but united, people can make a difference. The fact that he has his own organization and that traveling to Africa is part of his job, people can be more reliable and dependent on his actions and message. Also, the fact that he goes and visits politicians, and that they're willing to meet with him, demonstrates the extent of his influence and power. By meeting up with the head prosecutor for the UN's International Criminal Court, he has portrayed his willingness and expertise about the issue at hand. Also the US sending troops has rendered the issue more prominent on an international scale.

Logic consists mostly of the message that people need to stop evil people. It's only logical that we arrest people who have committed some atrocious sort of crime. He constantly mentions about the "action kit" as means of supporting the cause and organization and the people that its help extends to. He sets a date to make sure that people participate in the event. By displaying people's lack of knowledge of Kony, the politicians' lack of interest in that foreign issue, and the threat of national security and defense, he has successfully manipulated the public into thinking that this issue is a severely ignored issue, despite the extent of its crime. He compares the kidnapping in Africa to it occurring in the States, prompting people to question the public's main concerns. He makes it a point that international issues are just as important as domestic ones.

I'd like to say that the fact that he uses propaganda for good is a wonderful contribution to society.
So catchy...

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  1. Great job. Only complaint—that middle paragraph was a beast. Spacing? :-) 12/12