Monday, March 12, 2012

an ode to my vomit

You’re that broiling sensation that amounts to an inclination, an inclination to lurch and bloat   A
You have rummaged through my stomach contents, like a bull on a rampage,                         B
And has been clogging up my esophagus to even the parts remote                                         A
Into the shelter of food’s embassy, your invasions steal the stage                                           B
Of a wonderfully constructed, healthy, undisrupted, humble living abode                                C

I’ve seen you squeal to your meal about loneliness and ordeal                                                D
But I know what you sow, a life full of woe, and lies that we fools believe                               E
For a carved tomb waits, to set the date, to call in lawyers for wills needed to unseal              D
Certainly you must recognize the extent of your events to compensate for our early leave       E
However, I know that your nature is evil, and your soul far to corrupted to amend                  F

Yet when you work too hard, to ruin our lives; we often take you for granted               G
Many use you to slim down their bodies, and others just as reflex                                 H
They don’t want to die, but their minds are so entwined and slanted                              G
That they consume more liquor than they can hold thus, they perish to their defects       H
And blame you as they resent themselves evermore so, forevermore                             I

Although I’m not a victim of those stupid heinous acts fallen to cowardice and insecurity,                       J
I am still susceptible to your causes, for my immunity is not yet able to fully defend against your army     K
My back would ache and my stomach would become enflamed by those impurities                               J
And thus my mind is in demise by your plans so contrived in harmony                                                    K
That the sound and reason of human clarity is forced to stay in bed for a while                                        L

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  1. Haha, this might be the "worst". 20/20 when you label the rhyme scheme.