Friday, March 2, 2012


1. The Laputians  are a groups of intellects, those familiar with abstract knowledge about science and philosophy. They are fascinated with ideas and theories, at times seemingly unhealthy. Due to this condition, they forsake all other non-intellectual conduct. Abandoning all relationship with others, the Laputians are unaware of their surroundings, which is symbolized by the floating state of the island. These people lack the proper knowledge of common sense. They tend to over-complicate matters and resolve to fallacies and pointless time-consuming objectives. The people on these islands represent England and her new-found sense of Enlightenment.  Swift criticizes the  English government's support for these "scientists" and new "thinkers". Swift satires the English government's policies of reason and intellect imposed upon its people who were perfectly capable of surviving without the disruption of abstract knowledge. He shows the restrictions and perils that this abstract thinking will cause if it persists.
2. For those seeking immortality, they are cursed to become blind. frail, and vulnerable. Swift tries to depict the dullness and routine of living forever, that living forever is not as glorious as it may seem. The blindness represents the things that an immortal will lose sight of, such as the ever-changing world and fast pace of society. Swifts demonstrates how immortality will make you lose your appreciation of things. It portrays the squandering personalities of self-absorbed qualities that will define the immortal.
3.The Yahoos are tremendously primitive and base creatures, symbolic of mankind's innate faults and disposition. Leadership is based upon popularity, which the Yahoos find by fighting each other. These Yahoos are also extremely lecherous. In fact, they are so prone to it, they constantly seek each other out, lusting for the next female and vice versa. These Yahoos also indulge in self-sought out pleasures. Swift makes a comparison of  mankind's similarities to those of these savage Yahoos. He shows the undeniable human characteristics that society practices even while criticizing those acts themselves. Swift underscores the human condition with all its misjudgments on morals and physical behaviors, proving to society its degeneration over time. It is an emphasis on the lack of civilized rules that has dominated the egotistical society people have.


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