Wednesday, April 18, 2012

info topics

the abuse of medication and addiction to drugs- in particular marijuana - people think that addiction can be solved by themselves, but the truth is that people who are addicted to drugs are turned physically reliant on the drugs. This is a major issue, even the legalization of these drugs are important. For example, marijuana is highly controversial in some states. 
the black market -I'll talk about how it works and such. i want to talk about the hierarchy and the products. I could also talk about the process of obtaining products and others. For instance, the topic includes some examples of the products sold. There is also a particular process in which the people wishing to buy such products. The speech should include this.
deep sea creatures - i want to talk about angler fish, tube worms, and viperfish. Basically give a brief overview of the animals there and explain the conditions that they live in and how the entire ecosystem works together. These sea creatures are magnificent and highly underrated. People think that global warming and other man-made factors are responsible only for the animals near the surface, but the reality is these deep sea creatures are also affected. Talk about the problems but don't argue about it. It's the reality and just state it.

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