Friday, May 4, 2012

puh-lezzz......qualifications?....of course, I do

This internship is for journalism. The internee of this job is responsible, proactive, and independent. I am all of these things. The job suits people who are interested in journalism and writing, which is one of the key things I am able and well-suited for. Participants must also be willing to partake in work outside, meaning that they must be willing to enter the rural areas of where they are assigned to. This also means that they must be well-equipped to travel, and since I have been traveling almost my entire life, I feel this job is not only perfect for my condition, but I also feel that this job is suited for people who are positive and energetic. I am not only enthusiastic, but also optimistic.

I am very passionate about the politics of a particular nation. I feel very strongly about the way the government is run and is therefore, quite knowledgeable and willing to learn more about this particular job. I think human rights and civil liberties of a nation are the most essential things to a nation. With this, I think my energy and passion will truly help strive for excellence and be completely focused on task. I work well with other people and can engage in all sorts of conversation, which will improve the likelihood of the tasks I need to complete and more. I am an adept researcher and can get problems and things done quickly and efficiently.

As an ardent advocate of human rights and civil liberties, I know for a fact that a legal line of work is suitable for me. I can communicate well with others, which means I can both listen and advise. I can handle the work load and can, for sure, get things completed efficiently and accurately. I can analyze facts and data and make conclusions from it. I have a keen ability of communicating with others and I can work under all sort of environments. I can keep a balance of acuteness in work, such as personal tasks, and also attentiveness, communicating with others.

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